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Logging Software

I run the server this web-site is on, so I wanted a simple station logging program I could use to make my log available to everyone. As a new ham, my needs are simple, so I just needed some basic record keeping and the ability to deploy on the web. Not getting locked into a proprietary Windows solution would be a plus too.

phpHamLog looked like just what I was after, but the code was in tough shape, so I rewrote it to be more like what I wanted.

My version differs from theirs in these respects:

  • Uses PHP objects (instead of procedural code) to encapsulate program functions. Object oriented.
  • Strict separation of code, HTML and styles.
  • Uses stylesheets for appearance control. No tables.
  • Separates editing and viewing functions so they can be deployed separately. (Typically, only the site administrator/control operator needs to see and use editing features.)
  • Since I separated the editing stuff out, I removed the PHP session logic and login requirements. Editing access control is provided by Apache realm authentication, and by deploying editing scripts in protected directories

To make porting easier, I have kept the phpHamLog database schema, even though their "qso" table is cumbersome and not normalized.

Unfortunately, I just got the system displaying log entries nicely and never finished an integrated QSO editor. I hope to get to this sometime, since it really is only a half day of work. I just have trouble finding half days!

Download a zipped tar of my sources here.
The read-me file in this archive is here

Updated 24 May 2003.